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PEO Alternative

The 19:21 Consultants PEO Alternative Program

A Different Approach

Small businesses often find that Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) model is set up to keep you dependent upon their processes. The 19:21 Consultants PEO Alternative program aims to set up internal scalable processes and grow with your company, even if that means shedding services in the future.

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Pros of a PEO Model:


Provides benefits, HR, worker’s comp, and payroll all in one place, and having one platform for everything can reduce workload.


Offers competitive health insurance rates for benefits and sometimes workers compensation.


Provides on-demand HR assistance and can reduce employers’ liability.

Risk Management

Helps mitigate risk and/or supports the Loss Control Department for Workers’ Compensation.

Liability Shield

Can help protect from employment lawsuits.

Cons of a PEO Model:

Mid-tier Service

Most PEOs are good at everything but great at nothing.

High Administrative Fees

High fees for services offset the insurance savings for many companies.

Limited HR

Proactive and strategic HR consulting is limited in most PEOs.


Most companies are dependent on the PEO’s systems rather than internal processes.


Can provide a false sense of security and limited oversight can lead to costly errors.


Typically do not provide best-in-class technology.

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19:21 PEO Alternative

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Subject Matter Experts

Our experts in each field provide the best plans and services to fit your particular company.

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You Have a Choice

Our products and services are a la carte giving you the ability to pick and choose based on your needs.

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People-focused Service

Our people hold every step of our process, product, and platform together and are responsible for our service model.

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We provide HR support across many variations: administrative, strategic direction, on-site support, audits, and even outsourcing.

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We establish internal safety measures to instill safe, scalable processes.

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Our personalized guidance from 19:21 HR can reduce exposure.


Consultative Process

19:21 consults on various tech platforms to meet each company’s individual needs.



We leverage many insurance carriers and often beat PEO insurance rates.


Localized Support System

Coupled with checks and balances in each module, our support system ensures discrepancies are addressed.

Abstract Building

For businesses that are people-focused, like we are, there are other options than PEO's: options that consider people in every step of the process while still delivering a one-stop-shop solution.

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