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HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Serving Businesses of Every Size Across the Nation

At 19:21 HR, we don’t just provide outsourced HR solutions—we provide personal, hands-on HR solutions and business services that are custom-tailored to help you run and grow your business more efficiently.

We bring a personal commitment to help your business excel in performance and achieve your specific organizational goals and objectives.


We’ve got you covered! Working to both ensure the success of the organization and the engagement, retention and development of your employees, we get to know you.

When you call in with an HR issue or work with us for any HR service needs, we know your name, company, situation, and unique HR needs.

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We provide Strategic-Level Human Resources Professional Services and bring executive-level experience in managing the full spectrum of HR services from overall business strategy to the tactical implementation of HR policies and programs.

Utilizing strong leadership/management skills and exceptional interpersonal skills, we emphasize honesty and integrity in the development of programs and policies that fit your needs. We work towards positive solutions to workforce issues, engagement of your employees, training and development, coaching and counseling others at all professional levels.


We bring a strong understanding of business operations including financials, with solid analytical and problem-solving skills to any organization and we strive to understand the business needs as well as provide customization that fits with each organization.

HR Solutions

Getting to know you is key. We understand that you are unique, and you care about your employees. Each organization varies in terms of culture, size and scale, and business needs.


All solutions are customizable and come with a free consultation to determine whether we can meet your needs.

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Retained HR Services

Meeting the needs of clients who have regular HR concerns and challenges, but not enough to justify a full-time HR executive or human resources department, the retained HR services program can provide access to a human resources specialist to provide hands on assistance on an as-needed basis at a price below the normal hourly rate.

Some Executives just need a human resources manager on speed-dial. From phone consultations to advice, we are here to help. Our solutions are customizable and tailored to meet your unique needs.

Retained Services

HR Consulting Projects

Our HR professionals can address your company’s pain-points by utilizing our specialized expertise and resources to resolve your HR challenges quickly and effectively so you can stay focused on your strategic goals and priorities.

  • CEO / Executive Support / Advice
    Our highly trained professionals can advise companies on their human resources needs. We offer executive support such as HR on-call, HR audits & evaluations, communications, and other business services. This enables CEOs and business owners to concentrate on growing their companies while we help handle HR issues and implement HR solutions. You can think of us as your human resources manager who is always standing by to help with any needs you may have.
  • Administrative HR Services
    From providing corporate handbooks, job descriptions, templates, and processes to assisting with employee issues and implementing solutions to improve employee relations, we can help with a wide variety of administrative services to ensure your staff and personnel are properly taken care of. We can even help with more difficult tasks, such as performance management, disciplinary action, and termination processes. If you currently have an HR department, we can provide HR training and backup, planning and more to ensure your HR strategy is optimized, no matter whether you’re the business owner of a large corporation or a small business.
  • Strategic Initiatives
    Our experts can help with a variety of strategic initiatives for a wide range of needs and scenarios. From defining and refining company culture to developing values, we can help your workplace match your vision. We can help with things such as management changes and compensation reviews, benchmarking, and planning. For those who are considering stepping down, we can help with identifying potential replacements and succession planning, from conducting an executive search to interviewing, and more. If you’re considering acquisition or selling your company, we can conduct research and due diligence on your behalf.
  • Employee Engagement Programs
    We can help you attract new talent, retain current employees, and boost overall employee satisfaction. By conducting employee satisfaction surveys and analysis we can uncover potential opportunities for improvement. We can also design and implement staffing & retention programs, health & wellness programs, rewards & employee benefits programs, and even help you offer employees professional development services and opportunities. The ability to attract new talent, reduce employee turnover, and encourage professional development can quickly improve your business.
  • Training & Development
    Through virtual or in-person training and development, we can help you train your workforce and develop their skills to meet the needs of your company. From creating and implementing employee training programs to compliance training, we can help ensure you have a well-trained work force. We can also help your leaders develop strong leadership skills and improve productivity through our offsite meetings, team-building exercises, and general management training or workshops. Our HR consulting firm works closely with you to ensure the training materials and sessions we provide and facilitate align with your vision, brand, and messaging.
  • HRIS / ATS Strategy
    ATS (applicant tracking systems) and HRIS (human resource information systems) can help improve efficiency when it comes to human resource management. However, it can be confusing and daunting to correctly implement these solutions properly. Our HR consulting firm is very familiar with these types of tools, and we can help incorporate them into your overall HR strategy so your business can operate more effectively. With a system in place for every step of the employment hiring journey, from collecting contact information for potential new talent to screening and rating applicants, we can put systems in place to streamline the process and reduce your cost per hire. We can also help streamline the HR process for your staff, from payroll processing to performance management and more.
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On-Site HR Support

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. HR on-site can alleviate the day-to-day demands on your time and resources with employee needs and concerns. Whether it is for a specific project, coverage in times of need or support for your HR Team, on-site HR can help. All services are scalable to provide just the right level of service to meet your needs.


If you’re seeking HR assistance, we can function as your entire HR Department, or we can just manage key elements of your HR Department to supplement and improve your administrative, operational, or strategic HR capacity.

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HR Audit: Not Sure Where to Begin?

Our HR professionals can help you learn whether your business complies with the ever-changing landscape of federal, state, and local HR regulations. We’ll keep you up to date! We are here to do a complete audit of where you might be open to risk and help you prepare for a Department of Labor Audit should the need arise.


The United States has confusing and strict requirements, so preparation is the key to keeping you ready and in good standing with the EEOC, DOL and OSHA, the IRS. And, if the audit reveals problems or deficiencies, we are here to help you fix them to ensure you meet compliance requirements.

On-Site HR Suppot
HR Audit


I can’t say enough good things about 19:21 Consultants. After they helped us break away from a PEO and save a lot of money, they provided us with HR services to help look over our employee files and give us guidance. I feel confident moving forward that I don’t need an expensive PEO to handle my Human Resource needs. Once again 19:21 has saved the day!

Margie H

Pharmacy Manager | Kerrville Drug Co.

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