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Employee Benefits and HR Outsourcing and Consulting

Our Services

19:21 Consultants offers Group Health Insurance, HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting across the U.S.

Construction Site Managers

Group Health Insurance

From deciding which insurance provider to work with, to evaluating health plan options and helping you decide what employee benefits to offer, to enrollment, we’re here to help you make the best decisions based on your needs and goals.

Business Professionals

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

We provide Strategic-Level Human Resources Professional Services and bring executive-level experience in managing the full spectrum of HR services from overall business strategy to the tactical implementation of HR policies and programs.

Why 19:21 Consultants?

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How We Support

Multi-State Franchises

19:21 Consultants partners with multi-state franchises to help ease the burdens associated with offering employee benefits across state lines and for large employee numbers. Through customized technology integration, 19:21 is able to simplify the group health insurance enrollment process while educating employees about their options. With 19:21 Consultants and 19:21 HR, franchise businesses and their HR departments are able to focus on continuing to grow with the peace of mind that their current employees' needs are being met. 

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Every phase of the journey, from the initial discussion, the quoting process, employee education, and service model is meticulously designed for a seamless process. While our focus is speed, we are never going to achieve it at the educational level’s expense, quite the contrary. 


Our method is to educate an employer and their staff on all the options and not “sell” one product. With the amount of options available, we are able to get creative, partner plans together, and build a truly custom portfolio for every person we meet with. Every company, employer, and employee is different, shouldn’t their benefit options reflect that?


 We use benefit administration platforms to increase overall benefit engagement and data management while reducing workload and headaches on HR managers and executive staff. With better engagement we see better plan utilization, less confusion throughout the year, and families have more access to information than ever before. We want to equip your staff with all the possible resources to make the process as smooth and beneficial as possible


Just like people run your company, people run ours too. Although technology is important, nothing replaces speaking to a dedicated human. Our people hold every step of our process, product, and platform together and are responsible for our service model. 

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