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Contractors Health Plan

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The exclusive insurance marketplace for NTCA members.

An Exclusive Marketplace

19:21 Consultants has partnered with the NTCA to offer the Contractors Health Plan, an exclusive marketplace for all members to take advantage of. Whether you're a sole proprietor or have many employees, the Contractors Health Plan offers unique options that shake up the health insurance discussion.


Created for and Endorsed by the National Tile Contractors Association.


Built With Your
Business In Mind

  • All Plans are ACA & Minimum Value Compliant

  • Nationwide Availability

  • Minimum of 5 Enrollees

  • Can Work with an NTCA Endorsed Broker or Bring Your Own Broker

  • Can be Level-Funded or Self-Funded

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What Makes CHP Different?


Better Benefits

Our lower costs don’t compromise value. With CHP plans, you gain access to tools that make insurance easier to use and make your dollars stretch further.

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Potential for Premium Return

A portion of your premiums are separated to pay claims. If you don’t use them, you keep them!

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Built to Lower Your Costs

CHP uses tools to lower the cost of care for your team members, resulting in a reduction of overall insurance costs to you.

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Network Flexibility

Customize your network coverage to meet the unique needs of your team. Looking for innovation? Choose a non-network plan to capture the lowest premium.

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People-Assisted Technology

Technology creates efficiency, but people get things done. When an issue comes up, a dedicated member of our team is a phone call away. Unlock tools like online benefits and integrated payroll to keep you doing what you do best.

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Get Started With The Contractors Health Plan Today

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