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3 Key Signs You Should Consider Outsourcing Your HR Team

The idea of tackling all of your HR needs can be daunting and is not a one-time task. For growing businesses, having an entire HR department to ensure everything is taken care of is not always an option. Even with an in-house HR representative, mistakes happen and it is easy for some small (but vital) tasks and procedures to be placed on the back burner when a bigger issue arises.

To help ensure the success of your business long-term, we’ve pulled together 3 key signs that you should consider outsourcing your HR team.

1. You haven’t taken the proper steps to ensure your employees’ information is secure

As a business owner, there are a lot of intricacies to ensuring your business is covered legally. Ask yourself: Are you properly storing I-9s? Is your employee’s private information protected? Do you have regular safety meetings and training for your staff? If you answered no to any of these questions, it is time to consider partnering with an HR consulting and outsourcing team. With 19:21 HR, you receive expert guidance to guarantee compliance within your business operations.

2. Employee morale is down and you’ve recently seen a lot of turnover on your team

Growing businesses live and die by their employees. If you’re experiencing problems with employee morale and retention, it’s often a sign you need to conduct more team-building activities and training. Conducting regular training can boost employee performance and productivity when new tactics and implementation procedures are introduced. A happy employee is often a loyal employee! Continuing to develop the skills within your organization can help build your dream team and even pay off financially through ERC Credits.

3. You and your team are merely trying to survive the busy season

Is your business experiencing a period of sudden growth? Do you find your team is merely trying to survive the busy season? Are you constantly trying to adapt to changes without any true plan of attack? If so, your business is probably experiencing ‘The Big Bang’. When your business grows quickly, there are so many details behind the scenes to consider for long-term success. Key processes and procedures must be put in place to continue sustainable growth but during a Big Bang, it can be hard to pull a team member away to establish an employee handbook, a standardized onboarding process, or when it is time to begin offering group insurance. With assistance from HR experts, these foundational steps can be made easy.

Complying with regulations, building a healthy work environment and surviving stages of rapid growth is typically too much for a small team to handle, and growing businesses do not have to do it alone. At 19:21 HR, we don’t just provide outsourced HR consulting — we provide personal, hands-on HR solutions and business services that are custom-tailored to help you run and grow your business more efficiently.


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