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Before Disaster Strikes

Natural disaster planning

Disasters can take many shapes and can be potentially devastating to businesses. Whether a data leak, flood, active shooter, or hack, an unexpected disaster could easily result in the closure of your business. Don’t let ill preparation be the reason you have to close your doors, start developing your disaster prevention plans now.

Three Components of Disaster Management

Crisis Management (CM), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Business Continuity are the three most important aspects of managing a crisis. While these plans are part of a larger whole and they are quite different. A Crisis Management Plan contains the steps necessary to initially handle a crisis while a Disaster Recovery Plan outlines the procedures to recover quickly. Both the CM and DR and their results, come together to impact the overall Business Continuity Plan.

Understanding Business Continuity

The ultimate goal of any business is to stay operational and continue to grow. In the face of disaster, it is imperative to consider the 6 Ss of Business Continuity. Together, the 6 Ss represent the different elements that a business owner needs to keep in mind when planning for the future. By doing so, your odds of preventing or quickly recovering from an unexpected disaster are much higher.

6 Ss of Business Continuity

At 19:21 Consultants, we put a lot of emphasis on your staff and making sure they are taken care of in a disaster. Whether it is confirming that their health insurance needs are met or ensuring a good relationship with your company's HR department, you must have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure the protection of your team during an unexpected crisis.

Have you thought about how you would support your team in the face of an unexpected crisis? Together, 19:21 Consultants and 19:21 HR can help make sure your people are covered.

Start preparing for the unexpected today


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