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A Client's Journey with 19:21: Health Mart Pharmacy - Kerrville Drug Co.

Health Mark Pharmacy - Kerrville Drug Co.

The impact of a strategic partnership can be profound, reshaping the trajectory of an organization and fueling its ascent to new heights. Today, we are pleased to bring you an exceptional testimonial that captures the essence of such a transformative collaboration.

Meet Margie Hocker, Pharmacy Manager at Health Mart Pharmacy - Kerrville Drug Co, who generously shares her journey with 19:21 Consultants, a journey that started with challenges and culminated in remarkable success…

Their Story

“I simply can’t find enough good things to say about 19:21 Consultants! I was overwhelmed with a PEO our company had been with for way too many years. The huge cost and lack of help from the PEO had me wanting to break away for a very long time. It however can be very overwhelming to do that. Once you’re with a PEO you sort of feel stuck! 

Out of the blue, I received a call from Christian Kobes with 19:21 Consultants asking if I was interested in speaking to someone about employee benefits. In my conversation, I found out that 19:21 could not only offer insurance but also help me break away from the PEO!

My first phone call with Christian was in April and by June 1st Kerrville Drug was no longer with a PEO. We are saving money and have much better health insurance. The entire 19:21 team is so helpful. I can call JJ, Christian, Norma, or Cindy at any time and I get a quick answer to all of my questions. I might add that I had a lot of questions and not once did I feel like I was a bother. I love the Ease portal for benefits. It is very user-friendly. I feel confident having a company like 19:21 in my corner!”

Margie Hocker

Pharmacy Manager

Health Mart Pharmacy - Kerrville Drug Co.

Experience It For Yourself

Collaborating with the dedicated team at Health Mart Pharmacy - Kerrville Drug Co. has been an absolute honor, and we express our gratitude for their valuable partnership. Their unwavering commitment serves as a constant reminder of the positive outcomes achievable through authentic connections and collaborative endeavors.

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