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A Client's Journey with 19:21: Elysian Capital

Elysian Capital Inc.

Nothing speaks louder than the words of a satisfied client. Today, we are thrilled to share an extraordinary testimonial that encapsulates the profound impact of a transformational partnership. Elysian Capital's testimonial gives insight into the challenges they faced, the transformative process they underwent, and the remarkable results they achieved. Here is their story shared by Enid Silva, HRM at Elysian Capital.

Their Story

This letter expresses my positive experience with 19:21 Consultants as our benefits firm. When I joined Elysian Capital, they had strung together multiple years of difficult renewals with short-term strategies that just compounded year over year. 19:21 was able to initially right the ship and set us up for a strong long-term strategy. For context, we are a private equity firm based in Dallas, TX. We own multiple fast-growing businesses and we undergo frequent changes to the companies and structure of the organization.

Prior to my arrival, our 2021 renewal left us with a 35% increase after negotiation. For a large organization, that was a huge hit. Our big-name firm opted for a short-term solution by putting a fast-growing business on its own, small group plan. This left us with no data throughout the year.

This year, when we received another 35% increase, 19:21 pulled out all the stops and shopped it very thoroughly. They told the story of our companies and were able to get a competitive proposal from a full-stack TPA I had never even heard of. They had a unique value proposition to us as private equity and they gave us an overall 2% decrease. We also have great access to data to make long-term decisions.

When it came to implementation and enrollment, 19:21 took ownership and wasn’t afraid of heavy lifting. They worked with my HR team to communicate resources to the staff and educate them. They had numerous staff members call each one of our employees to offer assistance. We were able to complete open enrollment in just a few weeks.

Our online platform encountered very few issues and 19:21 handled this completely. They are very knowledgeable not only about BenAdmin platforms but also about payroll integrations and how things need to work in the real world.

In short, 19:21 made the process easy and effective for me. In fact, the whole experience left me saying, “It’s not supposed to be this easy!” When one of our CEOs got off an initial phone call with them, he said, “Those guys talk a big game!” I agree, they do. They also know how to back it up.

I would recommend having a conversation with 19:21 to see if they are a good fit for your organization as well.

- Enid Silva, HRM

Experience It for Yourself

We are honored to have the opportunity to work alongside such a dedicated team at Elysian Capital and are grateful for their partnership. Their presence serves as a constant reminder of the impact we can have when we forge genuine connections and work together towards shared goals.

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