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A Client's Journey with 19:21: Mend Services

Mend Services

When we first connected with Mend Services, an Austin-based construction services firm, in late August 2021, we recognized the challenges stemming from a strained relationship with a national Benefits provider. Despite initial reservations fueled by past disappointments, Andrew Huckaby, Producer at 19:21, charmed Mend Services with his witty and charismatic personality, eventually earning the opportunity to introduce our services to their office staff and owner, Steve Strauss. 

The resulting partnership proved to be a pivotal decision for Mend Services, as 19:21 delivered on promises, leaving no stone unturned in Benefits Administration and providing a seamless roadmap for open enrollment. We’re proud to share this thoughtful testimonial from the Mend Services team.

Their Story

"Here at Mend Services, we rely heavily on all of our different business partners to ensure that we stay committed to our staff and community alike. It is detrimental to our business when one of our partners doesn’t give us the resources and guidance necessary to set us up for success. 

Over the majority of 2021, we were in business with a national Benefits provider who unfortunately did not live up to their own expectations that they ensured us of when they presented themselves to us. This in turn caused negative ripple effects throughout 2021 that could’ve been extremely costly to the business. As a matter of fact, some of these effects have caused lingering trust issues with our current employees who had to deal with this all of last year. 

Thankfully, as is true with anything in life, it is sometimes necessary to take one step back to take two steps forward. Andrew Huckaby, from 19:21 Consultants, presented himself to us in late August 2021 with promises of guidance and taking the burden of Benefits Administration off our backs. We were quickly charmed by his witty and charismatic personality. However, we were very standoffish at the beginning of our relationship with 19:21 Consultants due to the burned relationship with our then-current Benefit Provider. After a few weeks of persistence, we finally decided to give them an opportunity to formally introduce themselves to our office staff and owner, Steve Strauss. 

As a local business, it is always difficult to tell whether some decisions are going to be good for the business down the line. Giving 19:21 Consultants a chance was hands down one of the best decisions Mend Services has made as far as building a professional relationship with a partner. To this day, they have been able to deliver everything they promised to us during our initial introduction. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to Benefits Administration. They are relentless in their efforts to prove themselves to us every step of the way, every single day. 

One of the promises they made to us at the beginning of our partnership was they would train us with enough Benefit Administration knowledge for us to be dangerous. For days leading up to our open enrollment in mid-December, they ensured we were very familiar with the plans we would be providing to our staff. They did this by having weekly workshops with us to better understand the plans. They truly provided us with a clear and direct roadmap for open enrollment. They organized training for us prior, they helped gameplan and facilitate during, and they helped us audit and ensure the finishing touches after open enrollment. A seamless and painless process that would have otherwise been a daunting experience without their knowledge and guidance. 

On their website, they have an excerpt on their homepage that does a wonderful job of summarizing what they have been able to do for us. I will finish this testimonial with: 

They do use the word “Partner” for a reason. Every business, every situation, and every team is different, and no one knows nor understands the dynamic better than we (business owners/staff) do. 19:21 Consultants gets together with you to find a customized solution that best fits where we are as a company. With 19:21 Consultants, we are not just “clients”, we truly are both partners."


Steve Strauss, General Manager

Ruben Dorado Jr, Human Resources Coordinator 

Michelle Satterwhite, Office Manager

Experience It For Yourself

Working alongside the dedicated team at Mend Services has been an absolute honor, and we extend our gratitude for their invaluable partnership.

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